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Smart Source (F) 7-25

Act Kids Product, any      $1.00     08/21/21

Act Product, any               $1.00     08/21/21

Acuvue RevitaLens Contact Lens Solution 10oz or 20oz, any          $5.00     08/29/21

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray or Essential Mist Product, any          $1.50    

Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill – Buy One, Get ONE FREE              B1G1 FREE         

Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or larger, any  $5.00     08/14/21

Allegra Allergy 24HR Tablets 70ct or 90ct or Gelcaps 60ct, any     $10.00   07/31/21

Allegra Children’s Allegra or Allegra Allergy 24HR Product, any     $3.00     08/14/21

Allegra Children’s Allergy 8oz or 24ct, any             $5.00     08/14/21

Allegra-D 12HR or 24HR 15ct or larger, any           $8.00     07/31/21

Allegra-D 12HR or 24HR Product, any      $5.00     08/14/21

Allerlife Product 20ct, any            $3.00     08/14/21

Allerlife Product 60ct, any            $5.00     08/14/21

Aspercreme Arthritis Product, any            $4.00    

Aspercreme Product (excluding trial/travel size), any       $2.00    

Aspercreme Product (excluding trial/travel size), any       $1.00    

BC 12ct or larger (excluding BC Max Strength 16ct), any  $0.50    

BC Max Strength 16ct, any           $1.00    

Blink Drops Including Blink Tears 0.5oz or 1oz, Blink Tears Preservative Free, Blink GelTears, Blink Contacts or Blink-N-Clean Drops, any TWO   $6.00     08/29/21

Capzasin Product (excluding trial/travel size), any              $2.00     08/07/21

Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Product, any (DND)          $2.00     08/11/21

Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Products, any TWO (DND)             $5.00     08/11/21

Chobani Product               $2.00    

Chobani Product               $1.00    

Chobani Product               $1.00    

Clairol Nice’n Easy Product, any $2.00    

Clairol Nice’n Easy Products, any TWO    $5.00    

Cortizone-10 Product (excluding trial/travel size), any      $1.25     08/21/21

Cottonelle Bath Tissue Rolls 6pk or larger, any     $1.00     08/21/21

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes 42ct or larger, any    $0.50     08/21/21

d-con bait station 1.00/1

Depend Products Package 8ct or larger, any TWO              $5.00    

Gold Bond Powder, Foot Care or First Aid Product (excluding trial/travel size), any              $1.50     08/21/21

Icy Hot Product (excluding trial/travel size), any  $2.00     08/07/21

Icy Hot Product (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO       $5.00     08/07/21

Nasacort 120 Spray, any $5.00     08/14/21

Nasacort 240 spray, any $10.00   07/31/21

Nivea Women Body Wash Product or Nivea Men Body Wash Product (excluding trial/travel size), any       $1.00    

Nivea Women Body Wash Products or Nivea Men Body Wash Products (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO         $3.00               

One by Poise Product Package (excluding other Poise Pads, Liners or Impressa Products) ,any       $3.00     08/14/21

Phazyme Product, any   $2.00    

Poise Pads Packages (excluding 10ct Pads), any TWO        $5.00    

Scotch brite 3pk 1.00/2

Scoth brite advanced scrub 3-pk 1.0/1

Summer’s Eve Active Chafe Gel or Active Spray, any         $1.00     08/24/21

Summer’s Eve External Products, any TWO           $1.50     08/24/21

Tagamet HB 200 Product              $2.00    

U by Kotex Pads or Liners Packages (excluding Liners 14ct to 22ct or Pads and Liners trial/travel size), any TWO     $2.00                08/14/21

U by Kotex Tampons Packages (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO         $2.00     08/14/21

Unisom Product 24ct or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any    $2.00     08/07/21

Unisom Simple Slumber Product (excluding trial/travel size), any $8.00     08/07/21

Xyzal Product 35ct or 55ct, any  $5.00     08/14/21

Xyzal Product 80ct, any  $10.00   07/31/21



Save 7-25 (F)

Biotene Product (excluding trial/travel size), any $1.50     08/24/21

CeraVe Acne Product, any            $3.00     08/14/21

CeraVe Cleanser or Body Wash (excluding trial/travel size and Bar Soap 4.5oz), any            $3.00     08/14/21

CeraVe Product (excluding Cleansing Bar 1pk, trial/travel size and Items Sold at Club Retailers), any           $2.00                08/14/21

CeraVe Sun Product (excluding Baby Sunscreen), any      $3.00     08/14/21

Club Crackers 7.1oz or larger, any TWO  $1.00     09/19/21

Flonase Product 120ct or larger, any        $8.00     08/01/21

Flonase Product 60ct or larger, any          $4.00     08/14/21

Gillette King C. Beard Care Product, any (DND)    $2.00     08/21/21

Kellogg’s Cereals Including Kellogg’s Jumbo Snax 5.04oz or larger, any Three         $1.00     09/19/21

Nature’s Truth Gummy Product, any        $2.00     09/25/21

Nature’s Truth Vitamin or Supplement Product, any         $2.00     09/25/21

Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries 8ct or larger, any three             $1.00     09/19/21

Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food Bag 3lb or larger, any           $3.00     08/25/20

Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food Tubs 9oz to 10oz, any FOUR            $2.00     08/25/20

Purina beggin dog treat b1g1 but 25 oz pouch get 5oz pouch free up to 4.99

Snickers Peanut Brownie Sharing Size Stand-Up Pack and M&M’s Fudge Brownie Sharing Size, Family Size and Party Size, any TWO    $1.00     09/19/21

Senokot Laxative Dietary Supplement Gummies or Tea, any          $4.00     08/21/21

Senokot Laxative Tablets Product, any    $3.00     08/21/21

Venus for Pubic Hair and Skin Product, any (DND)              $2.00     08/21/21

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 1.76oz/50g, any           $1.00     08/28/21

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 3.53oz/100g or larger, any      $2.00     08/28/21